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There are many things that are still not known about psoriasis or are ignored by the general public. However, this is the most prevalent autoimmune disease currently affecting the U.S. population. Recent studies have indicated that as many as 7.5 million Americans are affected by it, which means roughly 2.2% of the population. Worldwide, this disease affects 125 million people. Scientific studies have proven that most people that have been affected by a mild form of the disease also develop complications such as psoriatic arthritis. Most people tend to think about psoriasis as a cosmetic problem but they couldn’t be further from the truth. If left untreated, this can cause serious complications.

What is Psoriasis? promoimg1.png

Who gets Psoriasis?

When does the disease occur for the first time and what are the factors causing the manifestation?

Male or Female patients - Who suffers from the condition more often?

What skin areas are the first to be affected by Psoriasis?

Is there a cure for Psoriasis?

Does PsorMedicor help and what are PsorMedicor Body Cream for?

Is it difficult to get treated by PsorMedicor?

Does diet play a role?

What about Eczema?

What is the relation between Psoremiss and PsorMedicor?

Why does PsorMedicor have the acidic smell?

When will I see results?

For how long should I use PsorMedicor?

Has coal tar been shown to cause cancer?

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