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Why does PsorMedicor have the acidic smell?


Many patients who have been affected by psoriasis find that PsorMedicor is the best treatment because it helps ease a full range of symptoms associated with the disease. Overall, if you can overlook the fact that it has a rather acidic smell, this formula which is free of steroids and Cortisone, will help alleviate symptoms such as chapped and dry sin, reddish spots and so on. The cream is easily absorbed and has immediate soothing effects.


The active ingredient in PsorMedicor is responsible for its color and acidic smell. However it is important to note that a very small quantity of PsorMedicor should be applied on the skin (please refer to the Directions of use). You should apply very small amounts of PsorMedicor to the affected areas, then wipe off the excessive cream with a dry tissue paper. The remaining product acidic smell will evaporate in few minutes.




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