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Has coal tar been shown to cause cancer?


There is no established clinical evidence to suggest a link between cancer and the use of coal tar. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of coal tar for psoriasis drugs in low concentrations (up to 5%). The PsorMedicor formula contains only 2.5%. There is evidence to support the safety and benefits of coal tar in the treatment of psoriasis.

For example, studies indicate that it would take an extremely high concentration to create a possible causal link to cancer. How high? As high as the chemical concentrations used in industrial paving. By contrast, the concentration of the relevant chemicals in the topical product is extremely low. As such, PsorMedicor has been shown to provide relief without risk.

Coal tar is a derivation of certain woods, such as juniper or pine. It has long been used medicinally. It can inhibit the growth of affected skin cells, prevent scaling, and help renew the skin's healthy appearance. It also aids in reducing inflammation and itching. Do test the product on a small patch of skin first. Note to refrain from sun exposure during treatment.


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