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Is treatment simple?


Is it simple to get treated by PsorMedicor?

PsorMedicor Premium treatment does not have the corticosteroid or steroids that can cause side effects. Instead, it is a coal tar product that helps the skin shed dead cells and slow the growth of skin cells that are the cause of psoriasis symptoms. It is simple to use and very effective as a treatment for psoriasis in any area of the body. Simply apply the cream to clean skin, wait 10 minutes and remove the excess. It should remain in place for a minimum of 3 hours and can be worn overnight. Once the treatment is complete, wash the surface of the skin. Note that during treatment you should refrain from sun exposure. There are multiple symptoms associated with psoriasis, and treatment should address as many of them as possible in order to provide maximum relief. PsorMedicor works as a combination product treatment for a comprehensive approach to psoriasis treatment. PsorMedicor Body Cream provides control of dry, cracked, red, scaly skin, reduces itching, scaling and flaking as well as scalp build-up. It is soothing to the touch and leaves skin soft and moist. You should start with the PsorMedicor treatment to apply to affected skin until your symptoms are substantially reduced. Once the condition is better, use the PsorMedicor Body Cream and/or PsorMedicor Shampoo to continue your treatment. It only takes minutes a day to use these products and get the improvements you want for more comfortable and attractive skin.



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