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How long should I use PsorMedicor?


How long should I use PsorMedicor?

PsorMedicor is formulated to reduce even the worst symptoms of psoriasis to a mild redness. It is therefore recommended that PsorMedicor be applied for the duration of the outbreak. Continue to apply the cream to scaly, aggravated skin until the symptoms are significantly reduced. In just a few days, you should feel relief from the pain and itching and see considerable improvement in the tone and texture of the skin.

PsorMedicor is intended for daily application. As the condition of your skin improves, continue using PsorMedicor Body Cream, along with PsorMedicor Shampoo as appropriate. This will help you maintain the benefits for the duration of your recovery period. It will also help prevent a recurrence.

Follow-up care is also very important. Stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and use mild skin cleansers to avoid causing further irritation. After the completion of your treatment, use PsorMedicor Body Cream daily. This will ensure that your skin is kept smooth and moisturized and assist in delaying any reoccurrence of the symptoms.




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