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When does Psoriasis occur?


When does the disease occur for the first time
and what are the factors causing the manifestation?

Even though psoriasis has genetic nature, it may stay latent for years and then, all of a sudden,
the patient develops acute symptoms. Normally, the relapse will be triggered by some external factor,
when the patient is, for some reason, physically or psychologically debilitated. The condition may
worsen at times of psychological stress, for instance, with students during a university end-of term exams,
with middle-aged patients who lost the job, or with children, who found it difficult to come to terms with
the parents' divorce. Of course, there are many more potentially triggering situations. Psoriasis symptoms
may get worse under physical stress, or following medication for cardio-vascular conditions, malaria and
mental disorders (those who take lithium should pay special attention!). Psoriasis may occur as a
complication after streptococci-conditioned sore throat. Even such factors as intensive smoking and a
large doze of alcohol may trigger the symptoms worsening.


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