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Body Cream



PsorMedicor Body Cream

PsorMedicor Body Cream is specially formulated for long-term control of dry, cracked,
reddish, scaly and itching skin. Controls itching, scaling, flaking and scalp build-up.
Helps stop and delay the recurrence of chronic conditions, The lotion soothes dry, cracked
and reddish skin. It nourishes the skin and leaves a feeling of softness and moisture.body-cream-tube.png

It offers unique formula to relieve symptoms of chronic skin diseases and is easily absorbed.

Intended for daily use.


PsorMedicor Body Cream is Cortisone free and Steroids free

Many sufferers find that PsorMedicor is the best cream for psoriasis treatment because it comes with a guarantee and it eases the entire range of symptoms experienced by different individuals. It also provides fast relief in just a few days, prevents recurrences and works without Cortisone or steroids that can irritate the condition further.

To help you calm:

• Dry and Chapped Skin

• Reddish Skin

• Symptoms of chronic skin diseases

Use as a prophylactic treatment



Following a treatment with PsorMedicor Premium Skin Care, use the PsorMedicor Body Cream to smoothen the skin and delay the recurrence of psoriatic symptoms. 

Instructions for use

Apply 1-2 times daily to areas previously treated by PsorMedicor Premium Skin Care, massage well.
To be used on clean skin or after washing.                        
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