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Rejuvenating Serum


  PsorMedicor Rejuvenating Serum

Remove dead skin cells and feel the healthy looking skin!
Removes the dead skin cells and impurities to improve the quality of skin texture.
Let your skin be smooth and moisturized! serum.png
The PsorMedicor Rejuvenating Serum helps break down the cause of skin troubles.


Cleans skin and gives turn-over control to maintain silky smooth skin.
Turns dull looking skin into smooth, soft skin with natural shine.

Removes dead skin cells for anti-aging affect

Accelerates removal of the outer most layer, surfacing fresher, healthier cells.

Intended for daily use to help stop and delay the recurrence of chronic conditions.


Instructions for use

1. Wash skin treated area.

2. Apply few drops of PsorMedicor Rejuvenating Serun to the palm of your hand.

3. Rub your hands until a foam is created.

4. Gently rub the foam over the treated area.

5. Leave on for few minutes and wipe with a dry paper tissue.

6. To be used daily. 


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